Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodil Day

Aren't they gorgeous??????? It is a very wintery day here in Port Pirie but the shop is filled with Daffodils  so it feels like spring is in the air.
Hope you have all been out and got your daffodils the Cancer Council needs all the help it can get and today is one of its biggest fundraising days............Today I buy Daffodils  in memory of my Dad and in hope that one day there will be a cure for this dreadful disease  xx

I have been unindated with emails and requests for the pattern for the goodie bags I made for our retreat well I have finally done it and you can purchase it online at

or give me a ring at the shop on 0886323172

Oh and yes my new machine is here sitting on my lovely sewing machine mat designed by Natalie Ross
so this weekend I am locking myself away and putting together my Christmas quilt which at the moment is all layed out on the dining room table and finishing off my thread folder cover both patterns will hopefully be released sometime next week
have a great weekend
Robyn x
Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm all excited

Well its the end of the week and I am sooooooooooo excited. Ab is looking after the shop tommorrow so if your in the area pop in and say hi to my beautiful daughter, Steve and I are off to Strathablyn......Steve is going to pedal his bike 150km around the Adelaid Hills on Sunday and why am I excited well .....................On top of a beautiful weekend away I am picking up my new sewing machine tommorrow on the way to Strath.......a Bernina and I can't wait the plan is to sit in the villa and sew my new Chrissy Design for this Christmas.

So as you all know Natalie Ross was here a couple of weeks ago and  one of her designs for the weekend was Winterberry Birds a beautiful Sewing Machine Mat and Sewing Caddy.......well I just couldn't resist I had to make the mat for my new machine and here it is

All of the kits from the weekend were sold so I set at finding something else and I think it has come up looking great in Awesome by Moda fantastic colours
 Winterberry Birds Kitted up in Awesome is available at the shop Now and i will list it on the website next week
Well I best be off i need to finish off the essential packing for the know fabric, cotton, scissors, wine, choccies etc you know the stuff

til next time
happy stitching

Robyn x

Monday, August 16, 2010

Show Time

Well the first agricultural show of the season was  held at Crystal Brook on Saturday. So Steve and I headed off to check it out.
Just after coming in the gate I spied a little stall on the edge of sideshow alley know the ones that sell the dolls on a stick etc
 it brought back so many memories of being at the show with my Dad.
 He used to buy me one at the Crystal Book Show  every year when I was little and we would hang her from my bedroom curtains when we got home.......he has gone now so I just had to have one to remind me of Dad isn't she gorgeous??????????????????......I sure he smiled when I walked out the gate with her

So many of the girls who are regulars shop had been busy with their entries so off we went to the pavillions to see how they faired.
well the big CONGRATS goes to  brook girls Maxine and Allison who both had lots of 1st prizes next to their names in both quilting and cooking sections well done girls and I also spied prizes on Judy and Julie's entries great job girls.  I am sure I probably missed someone so to all those girls who won and to all those who had entries in the Crystal Brook Show WELL DONE Everyone

As many of you who know I was a member of the Chocolate Crow Trader for some time and on Saturday I also got to meet a lady who was also one of the Choccie Crows back when I joined  the lovely Stella Whittingham of Dolls on Parade
It was lovely to meet you Stella
Check out Stellas beautiful dolls at

Well back to some is my day off today but with the housework out the way I am about to start sewing got 2 new designs on the cutting table and also making one of the Gail Pan's beautiful designs from our retreat
so til next time

keep stitch'n
Robyn x

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evidence of a great weekend

well after hours at the computer and 300+ photos of last weekend I have finally got a slideshow together so you can all share in the great time we all had.

our resident shutterbug thought she was immune to the cameras ........bad news Naomi

She is

We had some great fun over the weekend with "The Thinking Hat"
Saturday Nat was teaching layered applique using baking paper and Our Gail got a little flustered.......which is normal for Our Gail.....and she ironed her applique to her paper pattern sheet........we still have the evidence it is at the picture Anyway the Thinking Hat was created and throughout Sunday if you made the slightest mistake you became the reciepient of the "Thinking Hat" as you will see no-one was immune....were they Gail????????

Gail in the Thinking hat

Here all the fun of the weekend on our Slideshow take a peek

Robyn x
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Start at the begining

Before our first Weekend Workshops could go ahead there was lots of work to be done so before I post anymore photos of our fun weekend I thought I would introduce you to the lovely Country Hart
'Stitch 'n' Bitch' girls
who helped me make it all happen,

This is Bev and Louise sewing handles on the Goodie Bags I made

Here is Joan working hard

Here is Louise......again.....think she might be on Gails Blog too.......and Joyce and Maggie

tommorrow I will post photos of the weekend but i had to introduce these girls first there are more girls but some are a little camera shy, I am sure you will meet them in the workshop photos I don't think our camera lady Naomi let anyone

til next time
Robyn x
Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally in Blog Land

Well here we are finally Country Hart has made it into Blog Land

We have just had the most exciting weekend since Country Hart opened its shop front in December 2009 so we have decided to share it with the world

Country Hart hosted its very first weekend of stitching workshops this weekend and what a great weekend we all had After 5 months of planning Steve and I drove to Adelaide on Friday afternoon to meet Natalie Ross and Gail Pan who were our tutors for the weekend.

Each of the girls had designed 2 wonderful projects and we were in for a fantastic weekend.
Port Pirie had never had anything like this before and all the girls were very excited.
Friday night we set up the girls displays and Saturday Morning they were lined up ready to start.
After checking out the goodie bags and some quick intros it was into the sewing. Over the next few days I will post photos of the wonderful weekend of stitching and fun we all had

here is a little taste ..........

Tables all set and decorated with roses made from the fabric ranges the girls were using in their fantastic projects and the essential goodie bags which I hand made all 60 of them along with some help from my wonderful "Stitch 'n' Bitch" girls

stay tuned lots more photos and goss from our wonderful weekend coming up real soon

Robyn x

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