Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great time @ the Country Hart Chrissy Workshop

After a very quick 3 weeks of designing, sewing, typing and planning today saw me at the front of the class for the first time.......after being flat out planning Country Hart's Chrissy Workshop I had not had a lot of time to think but around 6.30 this morning eeeeekkkk!!!! reality finally hit with a thud...I was the tutor, I ask myself all the questions, could I do this?? Were they going to be happy with what I had designed??? had I remembered everything???? Well too late now was I going to sink or swim??? only time would tell

9.45 am they started arriving & to their surprise to go along with the Chrissy name tags.....Santa Hats with their names sewn accross the front even the non hat wearers got into the Chrissy spirit and happily wore their hats

We started with morning tea of vanilla cupcakes all decorated with holly wrapped in gorgeous Christmas Wrappers and Coffee

After taking a big deep breath I joined Abbie at the front of my first class, feeling a little more confident as Ab stood over the class with her trusty wooden spoon to keep them in and Natalie will remember Ab and the wooden spoon. I showed the table runner I had designed for the class and described what they would be doing. All the girls proceeded to unwrap the parcels in front of them which conatined their kits for the day

We had a great Chrissy themed lunch and they seemed to love their Bon Bons filled with lots of goodies

back to the stitching we wound up around 4pm and waved goodbye to our dear friend Granny Loz who had travelled from the Barrossa for my first workshop

So here is the evidence of what turned out to be a fantastic day thanks to my dear friend Naomi who I might ad is also responsible for me taking this class in the first place xx


Heth said...

Hi Robyn, It looks like a fun day, wish I could have joined you all.... but I'm back in UK. It was good to talk to you at the Adelaide Quilt show. Have a great Christmas

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