Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lots happening

Well what a time I have been having.... My Sewing Room has been so popular we are all really amazed at the response we have had. The first mail out with Gail Pan's gorgeous design was mailed out on March 28th, since then we have had so many enquiries that we have decided to do a second mail out which will begin on April 28th so if you would like to join up its not too late ....head on over to the website
and find out how.
Natalie Ross is designer number 2  and her patterns are on their way here is a sneek peek

I attended a machine quilting workshop on Saturday with the girls from the Pirie Quilters and we had a great time......oh we learnt lots too such a great group of girls off to quilting with them tonight can't wait for the laughs to begin

With all the fundraising finished up  Relay for Life was held last Saturday. I had a great time did lots of laps, did the yellow walk, the pink walk, the prom walk and even played circle gap which I hadn't played since primary school which is far too many years ago to admit. We did however come 2nd which wasn't too bad we may have even done better if it hadn't poured with rain ....we were drenched.
The candle light ceremony was very sad and extremely hard for my kids and I  watching the empty table and remembering who is missing from ours

So I had a great time although I didn't see the whole thing out....I went home early not by my own choosing but that of others who decided to act very nastily upon what  thoughts they had going on in their heads instead of  the facts which they could have found out quiet easily if they did the civilized thing and asked.
Oh well enough of that far toooooooooooooo many positives in my life to be worried about the negitivity some people thrive on there is not enough time for that.

I will be back later this week with some very exciting news........BIG news and a competition so keep your eyes peeled for that one

til next time keep on stitch'n



clare's craftroom said...

Ooooh curious about your news , just whisper it to me I won't tell anyone !

Robyn said...

pssssssssssst!!!!!!hows that Clare xx here is a hint its BIG x

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