Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Excitement's building

The excitement is building at Country Hart there is just so much going on.
The names are coming in for the comp to name our new long arm and there are some wonderful names in the mix it is going to be so hard to choose, so if you have a name for our long arm machine post it here on my blog or email me at

entries will close at the end of May.
While on the subject of our Long Arm......everything is on track and now it is just a waiting game, we are all eagerly awaiting Tracey's return from the US.......then it should be all go...will keep you posted.

My Sewing Room has been a huge success and all of those who are participating should have the second project designed by the lovely Natalie Ross by now and I bet you are all loving it,
I can't wait to see some of your finished projects so don't forget to take a piccy, email them in and i will open up a show and tell page over on the website 
yes you guessed it I have the patterns for project number 3 by Janelle Wind so I thought I would give you a little sneek peek.....Janelle's project will be posted out on May 28th.

We are working on lots of new things happening in store..............lots of surprises for a couple of the resident Stitch 'n' Bitch girls when they return from their trip to Canada......that will teach them not to take us!
seriously we hope that Louise and Barb are having a great time on their trip....

We are planning

Sit 'n' Stitch

afternoons at the shop on the 2nd & 3rd Saturdays of every month
all the details will be posted on

Lots more will be happening at Country Hart this year including a Christmas in July Workshop and the return of Country Hart's favorite 2 fun loving designers for another retreat
Gail Pan and Nataile Ross
will be back on
October29th & 30th
registrations will open in June so keep an eye out for that one

Well I am off to do the house work...yuk!!! fairies around here,  then I have Somerhill House by Gail Pan to quilt, might even take that one outside it is such a beautiful day here today and after a week of rain I think I might have to take advantage and enjoy

til next time
Robyn x


Unknown said...

It's all happening over here Robyn and all very exciting except for the housework !

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