Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chrissy Quilt finally finished

Have been working tirelessly over the last 4 days to finally finish my
2010 Christmas Design
Christmas Magic

we took the quilt to the park to take photos but the wind won
This quilt is pieced 4 1/2" squares which has three "Christmas Balls" hanging down from bias strips. The balls are stitchery's of Country Harts busy Riendeers, playing in the snow, looking after Santas mail and decorating the tree.There are alos some stitchery;s of presents and little Christmas sayings in some of the blocks.
The second border has been stitched in the beautiful Cottage Garden Thread and reads "With all letters sent & tree lights all bright we suggle down to sleep for the night"
I then hand quilted the quilt using perle 8. Oh nearly forgot there is some applique with the sliegh at the bottom of the quilt
You can check the details of the quilt out at

or drop into the shop or you could get your fav patchwork shop to get the pattern in for you
Christmas Magic will be available this week both as a pattern or a kit

here is some pics of the stitchery's



Deb said...

Robyn, it looks great, well done you!!

Robyn said...

Thanks Deb x

Pam said...

Oh that looks so lovely Robyn! You clever clogs you. You're sure to do well with that pattern/kit. xxx

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