Thursday, August 5, 2010

Evidence of a great weekend

well after hours at the computer and 300+ photos of last weekend I have finally got a slideshow together so you can all share in the great time we all had.

our resident shutterbug thought she was immune to the cameras ........bad news Naomi

She is

We had some great fun over the weekend with "The Thinking Hat"
Saturday Nat was teaching layered applique using baking paper and Our Gail got a little flustered.......which is normal for Our Gail.....and she ironed her applique to her paper pattern sheet........we still have the evidence it is at the picture Anyway the Thinking Hat was created and throughout Sunday if you made the slightest mistake you became the reciepient of the "Thinking Hat" as you will see no-one was immune....were they Gail????????

Gail in the Thinking hat

Here all the fun of the weekend on our Slideshow take a peek

Robyn x


Di said...

Oooh. I am the first post. I was just so disappointed I couldnt make it to Pirie. Hopeyou have another one next year, looks like so much fun. I look forward to seeing the kits. Watch our Visa, here I come.
May just callinto the shop on way home from Darwin at the end of the month.

Robyn said...

Would love to see you Di

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